What can we help you with?

For our customers, we bring and deliver highly personalised services with positive impacts in the medium and long term. We deliver with the environment, circular economy and carbon footprint reduction in mind.

Project and program management

Using internationally recognised practices, we manage projects and programmes, particularly in ICT investment, operations and human resource development.

Enterprise architecture

We take a holistic approach to the Enterprise Architecture of the organization, viewing it as a system with internal structure and linkages.

Management consulting

We help organisations solve their problems by bringing knowledge from outside, from a different perspective.

Grant Management

We ensure the acquisition, administration and sustainability of projects financed from European Structural Funds.

ICT contract preparation

Together with you, we prepare ICT public contracts of varying financial volume, complexity and impact on target groups and potential bidders.

Process management

We uncover the current state of the organization's processes, look for potential for optimization and suggest ways to improve process performance.

Digital transformation

We will design and discuss with you the digital proposition and benefits of digital transformation for clients.

Change and risk management

Change is a characteristic of organisational life, we can define it and manage its introduction.

We will always deliver a solution that meets your requirements, whatever they may be.

Are you interested? Contact us via the form on the website, email or call us and let’s arrange a first meeting to discuss our mutual synergies and possibilities of cooperation.