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Project and program management

Project and program management is our domain, we are a team of qualified project and program managers who have a detailed knowledge of the project and program life cycle. For our customers, we always select from internationally recognized methods and procedures that can manage the project efficiently with a minimum of administrative burden, but always with the aim of ensuring short, medium and long term benefits. For our customers, we eliminate and mitigate risks in the areas of human resources, financing, delivery and schedule.

How does it work?

We use common sense and “do the right thing right”. We break initiatives down into phases:

We prepare and manage financing from the organization's budgets, but also from European Structural Funds (IOP/IROP, OPLZZ/OPZ).
We always select the necessary building blocks and procedures for solving given situations from PRINCE2, PMI and IPMA methodologies.

We will always deliver a solution that meets your requirements, whatever they may be.

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