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Grant Management

We successfully initiate and manage projects financed from the organization’s budget, but also from European Structural Funds (e.g. IOP/IROP, OPLZZ/OPZ, OPPIK, OPTAK).

How does it work?

We develop project plans, support you in their defence internally and vis-à-vis the funder, create applications in MS2014+/ISKP, provide opinions in the field of Enterprise Architecture, create feasibility studies, SWOT, PESTLE and Porter analyses. We monitor progress, progress and programme. We prepare payment requests and project change requests.

We are your partner throughout the funding of your projects and programmes not only from the ESF in the project phase but also in the sustainability phase. You can rely on us to be transparent in your negotiations with the funder.

We will always deliver a solution that meets your requirements, whatever they may be.

Are you interested? Contact us via the form on the website, email or call us and let’s arrange a first meeting to discuss our mutual synergies and possibilities of cooperation.