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Enterprise architecture

We take a holistic approach to Enterprise Architecture (describing goals, visions, motivations, processes, applications and technologies). We view a public administration organization or business entity as a system with internal structure and linkages (the whole is more than the sum of its parts). We analyze the current state (AS-IS), design and create a more efficient state (TO-BE) together with our clients, using the TOGAF methodological framework and ArchiMate notation. We understand the needs of business owners and stakeholders. We help materialize, digitally transform, advocate and present these needs.

How do we work with Enterprise Architecture?

We will “disassemble” the organisation from different perspectives into different logical parts. We create a multi-layered model of the current state (AS-IS) and find places with potential for improvement, innovation and optimization. In interviews, we will develop future state designs (TO-BE) and recommend adjustments to goals, motivations, processes, application portfolio and technology infrastructure. 

Every change in the organisation of public administration and business is a challenge for us.

We will always deliver a solution that meets your requirements, whatever they may be.

Are you interested? Contact us via the form on the website, email or call us and let’s arrange a first meeting to discuss our mutual synergies and possibilities of cooperation.